“Chopped Challenge” Heats Up City Kitchen

Three Reading Terminal chefs faced off for some friendly, food-network-style competition on Saturday, May 21. ¬†Guests were lucky enough to sample dishes from¬†Chef Bobby Fisher of Molly Malloy’s, Chef Jason LeDee of Pearls Oyster Bar and Chef Careda Matthews of Kevin Parker Soul Food Cafe. The mystery basket was filled with a dragon fruit fromContinue reading ““Chopped Challenge” Heats Up City Kitchen”

The best Phans have the best Phood

Rob from Giunta’s Prime Shop will show us how to make boneless stuffed chicken wings that will be perfect for your next tailgate! Learn how to make them yourself using ingredients from the market or buy them fresh from Giunta’s! Also, Roger from Miller’s Twist will be showing us how to wrap ballpark franks in delicious pretzel dough just in time for the Phillies home opener on Monday, April 11th.

Spreading Valentine’s Day Love Throughout The Year

Love may be the main dish, but February 14th usually comes with sides of stress and questioning. Should we go to the same white tablecloth restaurant again? Can we afford a weekend away? Is this gift too much or not enough? The days of being satisfied with a bouquet or a box are long over.Continue reading “Spreading Valentine’s Day Love Throughout The Year”