Renaissance Women Michele Haines joins us in City Kitchen

Chef Michele Haines of the Spring Mill Cafe¬†creates beautiful and tasty french-inspired dishes. Food, however, is just one of Michele’s passions. Haines continues to jet-set her way around the world, bringing flavors and stories back to the Philadelphia region. Her philosophy stems from connections between food, literature and art. We reached out to Michele toContinue reading “Renaissance Women Michele Haines joins us in City Kitchen”

The best Phans have the best Phood

Rob from Giunta’s Prime Shop will show us how to make boneless stuffed chicken wings that will be perfect for your next tailgate! Learn how to make them yourself using ingredients from the market or buy them fresh from Giunta’s! Also, Roger from Miller’s Twist will be showing us how to wrap ballpark franks in delicious pretzel dough just in time for the Phillies home opener on Monday, April 11th.

Getting Wedding Day Ready

No other day about love, family, and togetherness requires this much planning, organization or stress.

Let’s fix that.